Bruschetta  8.50 Fr. 
Caprese 14.50 Fr.  
Rucola salad 12.50 Fr. 
green salad 7.50 Fr. 
mixed salad 12.50 Fr.


Soup of the day  7.50 Fr. 
Tomato soup  9.- Fr.
Clear soup with an egg 7.50 Fr.


Choose between Spaghetti or Penne

Napoli   15.50 Fr.  
(tomato, basil)

Carbonara 18.50 Fr. 
(egg and bacon with cream)

Bolognese   17.50 Fr. 
(minced beef)

Arrabiata   18.50 Fr.
(*spicy, peperoncini, tomatos, basil) 

Al Pesto   18.- Fr.
(basil, pine nuts)  

Garlic, oil and chilli peppers 18.- Fr.

Seafood 21.- Fr.
(tomato sauce and seafood)

Salmon 23.- Fr.
(salmon with cream)
Porcini mushrooms 22.50 Fr. 
(fried porcini mushrooms, bacon and cream)

Gorgonzola 19.- Fr.


Margherita 18.- Fr.

Napoli 19.- Fr. 

Hawaii 21.- Fr.
(Pineapple and ham)   

Prosciutto 20.- Fr. 

Al Tonno 21.- Fr.
(tuna and onions)    

Gorgonzola 22.- Fr.  

Quattro Stagioni 23.50 Fr.
(artichokes, mushrooms, olives, ham)

Calabrese 22.50 Fr.
(Olives and hot salami)

Salmone 22.- Fr.

Salami 22.- Fr.  

Quattro Formaggi 23.- Fr.
(four different kinds of cheese) 
Prosciutto Funghi 22.- Fr.
(ham and mushrooms)

Frutti di Mare 24.- Fr.
(seafood, garlic)

Diavolo 23.- Fr.
(peppers, hot salami, peperoncini)

Siciliana 23.50 Fr.
(Artichokes, tomatoes, basil, onions)

Parma 24.50 Fr.
(Rocket salad, raw ham, cherry tomatoes, Parmesan)

Vegetariana 22.- Fr.
(various vegetables)  

Bismark 22.- Fr.
(ham, egg and onions)

Diana 24.50 Fr. 
(dried meat, rocket salad, cherry tomatoes, parmesan) 

Bacon 23.50 Fr.
(bacon, onions, egg)


Risotto "Milanese" 22.50 Fr. 
(saffron risotto with Parmesan) 

boletus risotto    25.50 Fr.


Filet of salmon from the grill  34.50 Fr.


Wiener Schnitzel (veal)
   whole portion 34.50 Fr. 
   half portion 28.50 Fr.

Pork cream cutlet
   whole portion 31.50 Fr.
   half portion 25.50 Fr.

Chicken breast from the grill 28.- Fr.

Pork steak from the grill 32.- Fr.

Beef entrecĂ´te from the grill 44.- Fr.


Pork steak 250gr. 36.50 Fr. 
(on hot stone)

Beef entrecĂ´te 250gr. 46.50 Fr. 

On advance order

Fondue Chinoise p.P.   48.- Fr. 
(beef and veal)

Fondue Bourguignonne p.P. 48.- Fr. 

Extra meat 50 gr.   4.50 Fr.